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Climate Control is the better option

If you’re looking to rent a self-storage unit and have a number of delicate, sensitive, or high-value items, then a basic unit which makes little or no provision for fluctuating temperatures and humidity probably isn’t the best bet.

A better option is to upgrade your contract to rent a climate controlled storage unit. Even though this may cost you more initially, in the long run you’ll congratulate yourself for having parted with that extra money to protect the physical condition of your belongings. And your valuables would thank you for it, if they could.

Temperature control is typically achieved using HVAC systems (for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), often with customizable thermostats and heavy-duty insulation, to maintain a constant range of temperatures in a unit, throughout the year.

Indoor self-storage facilities with climate controlled storage units are usually well sealed, and use mechanical means to circulate the air constantly, so that it stays clean. This is a factor to consider if you’re storing items such as documents or electronics, which benefit from a constant flow of clean air.

If You’re Storing These Items…

  • Artwork or antiques

  • Clothing, antique toys, or upholstered furniture with delicate fabrics

  • Electronics

  • Metal goods which may be susceptible to rusting or corrosion

  • Optical discs such as DVDs, CDs, or video game cartridges

  • Paper goods, such as books, photographs, comics, or magazines

  • Vinyl records

  • Wine

  • Wooden furniture or musical instruments

You’re usually better off opting for a climate controlled storage unit.

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